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Pondělí - Sobota
05:30 - 22:00
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Údolní 529/29, Brno-město, 602 00 Brno-Brno-střed, Česko
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Petr Glum Šabatarating icon5.0
We deliberately chose the gym based on recommendations. The concept of small groups (1-4 people) under the guidance of a trainer suits me and my wife. He trains according to an individual plan, including a meal plan. The results are visible, but you need to go at least twice a week. Booking a specific date motivates a person to participate regularly, but if necessary, the training can be excused and postponed to another time.
in the last week
Mi Krarating icon5.0
There is nothing to add to the stars. Excellent trainers, intimate gym for max 4 people, exercising mostly with your body (no "moving" machines). For me and for me, a very significant change of character, but beware! - after about 3-4 years 😁
3 months ago
Kristýna Malíkovárating icon5.0
An ideal gym even for non-athletic types. Great attitude of all trainers and pleasant environment. Two rooms, max. 4 people per hour with a trainer. It will compile the training according to your preferences and frequency of visits.
9 months ago
Janka Balkovicovárating icon5.0
Super trainers, I can see progress already after a month. In contrast to tabata/bodybuilding group trainings, the trainer pays attention to me, I learn many basic exercises (squats, planks, squats) all over again, because I used the wrong muscles, went swinging, fast. And all those shortened muscles..
2 years ago
Jiří Doleželrating icon5.0
Good place to make your body fit
5 years ago