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Starobrněnská 33/16, Brno
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Bistro Anatomy je originální studio v centru Brna, kde si každý najde to své. U nás si můžeš vybrat z rozmanitých disciplín. Pokud se potřebuješ protáhnout či zrelaxovat běž na jógu a pokud chceš zažít něco dynamičtějšího zkus akrobacii.

Je pro nás velmi důležitý individuální přístup. Snažíme se, aby jsi odešel s úsměvem na tváři a občas i s plným břichem. Pohostíme tě zdravým výborným jídlem na józe ke snídani, k obědu a na rooftop workshopech.

Nebojíme se výzev, proto nabízíme lekce pro děti s autismem nebo třeba i rock jógu a beer jógu.


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Jana Bazikovarating icon5.0
Before I discovered Bistro Anatomy, I just went to yoga and it never really bothered me much. I don't just come here for yoga. I have not experienced such a sincerely friendly atmosphere in any other studio. Not that they wouldn't be nice anywhere else, but here it's just a different level :) In addition, thanks to a professional approach, I finally learned positions that I could not understand before. Recently, I also tried acrobatics on the ring, which I enjoy a lot. Here I appreciate the individual approach to each of us. Plus a lot of fun associated with it. I enjoy every exercise in BA and leave laughing, relaxed and looking forward to the next lessons. And Julka's Monday biscuits: D Now, in the time of the covid, they also offer online lessons, where they can check the correctness of your exercises via a camera.
11 months ago
Vanillier Freedomrating icon4.0
Rather than yoga, girls are probably better at acrobatics and so on. Ashtanga Yoga instructor couldn't explain how to do udjaji breaths, and she didn't pay special attention to this lesson, so it made me more distrustful. Even after my yoga lessons, my back ached, which is not happening in other centers. The owner Dorka is very nice and helpful, she tries to explain everything and she pays a lot of attention to everyone. Breakfast after yoga is also very nice. Answer for the owner: I have been to several lessons with you, mostly I did not book if I remember well. After the introductory lessons, I attended Dorka's lessons a few times in the evening and occasionally went to the morning with breakfast, only attending Dorka's lessons, after which my back ached. In another studio I realized I was pushing it over my shoulders. Regarding the breath, I have experience with another lecturer, who was able to explain it for the first time quite understandably and still through the video and I have perfected it. Perhaps it is a matter of attitude, because my experience is such that it can be understood at least partially at the beginning. Anyway, I will come to see you again and see :).
a year ago
Dagmar Kneslovárating icon5.0
Acro yoga for children was great, fun and helped us to understand how communication and cooperation work with our daughter. This year, the Scout and a bunch of contemporaries prevailed over the circle with my mother, but I think that it was in her loneliness and self-confidence that the lessons helped her. For a child with a concentration disorder I recommend not only activity, but also a lecturer - with children incredibly can.
a year ago
Julie Teslarating icon5.0
Bistro is my favorite yoga studio in Brno. I discovered it a year ago and besides yoga I go on a circle on the acrobatics, which is also great :) I got a nice, cozy environment, fervent lecturers, personal approach and friendly atmosphere :)
2 years ago
Martina Sálovárating icon5.0
I have been visiting Anatomy Bistro with Dork for several years. Well-kept lessons and a beautiful place in the center of Brno. Each lesson will move you somewhere while relaxing your mind. I recommend 100%!
2 years ago