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Václavská 237/6, 603 00 Brno-střed, Česko
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Eva Ardaya Salvatierrarating icon5.0
The receptionists are nice and you can always arrange everything with them without any problems - nothing is easier than asking/calling. A large selection of lessons and lecturers, really everyone can choose. The hall is cool. Although there are no windows and sometimes it's very warm there, but it's better warm than cold 😝 CT has its own membership program with benefits (for attending a prepaid course you get discounts on other courses, your own "purse", where even relatives can contribute as a gift to For Christmas, discounted prices for individual lessons and so on) and long-term courses are at a reasonable price - for me a pretty good combination and quite unrivaled in Brno. The only thing I would complain about is that the hall on Horní has ​​no showers, the toilets are from the old socialist times and if you leave after 8:05 pm, you have to go through the dance club premises, where you feel a little unwelcome. But all these are secondary things to me. 😊
a year ago
Tomáš Hájekrating icon5.0
a year ago
lulu tbkrating icon2.0
The classes are nice. But am here to complain about the extremely hot temperature in there . The hearts are all on , on the highest level in the halls . Yesterday I was on Pilates class ., I could barely breathe. There were not many of us , however it was really hot. In the dancing classes where you need to move a lot , it’s terrible. Because of the heat !! Many people have complained about that, however they won’t turn off the heaters !
3 years ago
Martinarating icon2.0
Great lecturers and choice of courses. What is a big disadvantage, however, is the HOT! As soon as it starts to get hot in the connected hospital, it's usually 30° in the halls, and you still have to practice for that. Old windows, no ventilation. Sweating, you go to the shower, where there is even more... the situation has been the same for years, no one is doing anything about it and probably never will. All exercisers have been complaining for a few years and still nothing. The showers are also not great, the water flows there in a thin trickle, the equipment is not great, the price for the lesson definitely does not correspond to the level. If it weren't for the great lecturer, I'd go elsewhere..
3 years ago
darmon maderating icon5.0
Good courses , good prices, nice ppl.
4 years ago