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Olya Olejnikrating icon5.0
I really enjoy working out! It is so well put together that it is simply fun to watch how quickly it benefits the body. After a month, the usual back pain disappeared, then gradually after another 3 months I started to get a great figure. I am happy that I discovered coregym, I had not found something so effective until then. It is clear that Honza does his work with heart. Every workout feels perfect to me and I am always surprised by another perfectly composed workout.
a month ago
hal9khalrating icon5.0
I'll elaborate a bit, unfortunately I can't unlearn this. I fully agree with all the reviews I see at the moment. In the past few years, when I was around 40, as an almost non-athletic type, I visited Coregym occasionally, but soon I stopped again for various reasons, and then it took me a long time to go again. Around December 2021, after about half a year of determination (after Honza's text message "Zdar, don't you want to come again?") I came again and this time I was laughing somehow strangely and I didn't want to stop. Honza often emphasizes that it is necessary not to lose the pace in order for it to make sense. I was 43 years old at the time, I look like a non-athlete, and a rather overweight, sedentary type. I went 2 times a week on light, I was a lemur (I felt that way, other people were always friendly and encouraging), and I thought I would release my soul there (or spirit, be careful what and when you eat before ;) ). In addition, when you switch to the fact that it is not necessarily the evil of the week but fun, you will put more into it and then the results will start, and they will start to arrive incredibly quickly, in the horizon of 2-3 weeks you will gain strength that you do not believe. I don't know exactly, but in about 1-2 months I lost about 15 kg and then my condition is improving, and very quickly. It is an incredibly effective exercise. Then, for reasons of time, I once went to the normal training instead of light, with the fact that I can't get to the bottom of my strength anyway and it doesn't matter, and I only go there. I bumped it up to all 3 days a week, then finally started using the home mounted but sloppy dusty trx on the other days along with a few other exercises and I was totally hooked. Honza is not exaggerating that it will do wonders for you not only physically but also mentally, you are a new person. I'm talking about the next 9 months or so when I'm 44. This is all so long because I would like to help motivate people in a similar condition (and age) as I used to be. Even a middle-aged non-athletic person can start and relatively catch up, in some places even overtake, young or younger people who lived sports much more conscientiously and did not smoke one or more packs a day like me for almost 30 years (I'm only stopping now, so for now during the training period, I still gave the box daily, sorry for your current spitting to the side :)). I definitely recommend reading or watching something when you get into something like this so you don't do more harm than good. The right diet, vitamins, possibly some supplements or minerals are quite important for us elders. Last but not least, I would like to mention the friendly, often quite funny and accommodating team and the great Honza, it is quite evident that every training session is very well thought out and even with improving fitness you can always reach for the bottom, but with joy. I also think that for most of us this is a much better (and much more fun) way than going to the gym. Phew, TLTR, congratulations.
11 months ago
Václav Tomalarating icon5.0
High Intensity interval workout gym with educated coach that has perfect balance of motivating but not pushing too much. I started after two years of covid pause and while not easy, it is good and I keep returning.
a year ago
Jonatanh Ibarrarating icon5.0
The best core training in town.... Great trainer and cool crew
3 years ago
Pavel Svobodarating icon5.0
Coregym describes everything...come and see ;-)
3 years ago