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Pondělí - Pátek
07:00 - 20:00
Sobota - Neděle
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Böhmova 2047/11, 621 00 Brno-Řečkovice a Mokrá Hora
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Betyrating icon5.0
I warmly recommend! Great people who will help you build great fitness and confidence.
a week ago
Patrik Burkyrating icon5.0
4 months ago
Jakub Poloprudskýrating icon5.0
Fitness with a very interesting system. One pays two workouts a week for 12 weeks (ie 24 workouts) at a certain time and then just goes to workouts at that time. I have never seen this approach in any other fitness center. It has some great benefits. - Every two weeks, you switch to harder exercises, so you get progressively better. I'm just waiting to learn muscle-up. - You know the people you train with. Fitness is well equipped especially with rings, bars, tatami and squatting stands. You would search in vain for useless machines here.
8 months ago
Petra Stehlíkovárating icon5.0
Great gym with a great atmosphere. Impeccable trainers and a friendly atmosphere among all who arrive here.
a year ago
Martin Horákrating icon5.0
Top strop 🔝
a year ago