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18:00 - 20:00
15:30 - 19:00
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15:30 - 20:00
Friday - Sunday
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Halasovo nám. 826/7, 638 00 Brno-sever-Lesná, Česko
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Martial arts
Self defense


Lenička Brzobohatárating icon5.0
a year ago
Prodejna Uherské Hradištěrating icon5.0
amazing coaches, they know how to gain respect and give children motivation .... the best choice
2 years ago
Kateřina Mailbekovárating icon5.0
Karate Ie Tesla is visited by my children, for some time now .... in one word SUPER ...
3 years ago
Nikola Grycovárating icon5.0
A year ago we decided where to go to karate in Brno and I am very happy that we decided for Tesla. She had a very good feeling since the first conversation with the coach, and this is confirmed to me with each new training session. The son is satisfied, the coaches are unrivaled and lead the children not only in training but they are willing to solve, help or advise with anything that bothers the child and they themselves are interested in making the child prosper in all areas. The team of children is pleasant and at joint events one feels at home. Karate TJ TESLA is not just a ring it's a team and it works absolutely great.
3 years ago
Anna Zlámalovárating icon5.0
3 years ago