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Monday - Friday
16:00 - 19:30
Saturday - Sunday
12:00 - 19:30
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Kotlanova 2660/13, 628 00 Brno-Líšeň, Česko
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Kluziště je otevřené od 3.12. Ledová plocha je aktivně chlazená a bruslit lze i v teplejších dnech. Najdeš tam skříňky na odložení obuvi za zálohu 10 Kč a možnost půjčení bruslí a opěrných pomůcek pro děti.

Od 2.1. do 4.1.2022 nebude možné platit platební kartou.

Poznámka k otevíracím hodinám

  • 24. - 25.12. a 1.1. je kluziště zavřeno
  • 23.12., 26. 12. – 30. 12. 2021, 2. 1. bloky od 10.00 do 19.30
  • 31.12. bloky od 10.00 do 18.00
  • Oslava Dona Boska: 3. 2. 2022 bloky od 14.00 do 19.30
  • Pololetní prázdiny: pátek 4. 2. 2022 bloky 10.00 do 19.30


  • Děti do 5 let ZDARMA
  • Dítě nebo student do 18 let/senior/ZTP 60 Kč
  • Dospělí 90 Kč
  • Nebruslící doprovod 10 Kč a děti do 5 let zdarma
  • S kartou Saleska do 18 let 50 Kč
  • Rodinné vstupné (2+3) 250 Kč
  • Půjčení bruslí stojí 70 Kč s vratnou kaucí 500 Kč.
  • Půjčení pomůcky k bruslení (tučňák, panda) 50 Kč s vratnou kaucí 500 Kč
  • Pronájem kluziště 2 200 Kč/hodina

Ceník pro školy

  • Pronájem kluziště 600 Kč/hodina
  • Bruslící doprovod externí 30 Kč/hod
  • Doprovázející osoby bez vstupu na led10 Kč
  • Půjčení bruslí 30 Kč
  • Pomůcky k bruslení 50 Kč


Team sports
Ice hokey
Other sports
Ice skating

Facilities & Amenities

Card payment
Hall rental


Kavik99rating icon1.0
On the day when the last block was held, my friend and I came and we wanted to skate. The lady told us that she only has one place, so we watched if she let anyone go, more than half of the new people who came there had to go home again after 5 minutes when no one did not leave came Mr. and his son who was older than 6 years and let them go for a flight I would say that it was not fair to us.
a year ago
Alenka Šidlíkovárating icon1.0
We were very good at skating in the sales team and the staff told us that they were full, but when we recalculated them there were barely 30 of them and we were there at 6:15 p.m.
a year ago
jan vincenecrating icon5.0
My child attends the Everything ring and exercises of parents with children. I just want to compliment all the teachers, especially Mrs. Martina. She was absolutely born for this work. For all parents and especially children - more such. Thank you
a year ago
Tsendsuren Boldbaatarrating icon5.0
I skate here almost every day. Love it 😍 If you're planning to skate here, check the schedule first.
3 years ago
Tomáš Medekrating icon4.0
Good youth center, unfortunately at least the badminton club was aimed at younger children (under 15 years). Due to the low price of most rings, however, there is no problem to try them for half a year and then see if they fit.
5 years ago