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Hrázní 327/4a, 635 00 Brno-Kníničky, Česko
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Dina Hadzicrating icon5.0
My boyfriend and I stayed from 5 to 7 July 2019 in the Maximus Resort. It was one of the most beautiful experiences. Congratulations for really everything, hospitality, cleaning, organization, cooking, cocktails etc .. The room was beautiful and clean. Fantastic saunas like pools. Perhaps the only thing that could be added is the dinner offer. all in all, we had a lot of fun, it was beautiful! would definitely come back again!
4 months ago
Filip Damerating icon4.0
Nice place to spend your time. Stuff is friendly, kind and the service is fast and great. Wellness looks awesome and quality is great. Relax depends only from the time of the day. If it's crowded you have bad luck a most sauna is like train station because of the people. They're talking most of the time and don't care about the rules. Kitchen is quite good but the dinner buffet is not on pair with 4 stars hotel. I will recommend this place to anybody that I know. Rooms - 4 stars Kitchen - 3 stars Personal - 5 stars Wellness - 4 stars
5 months ago
Ludek Smidrating icon5.0
Great place to relax and enjoy sauna. Make sure you reserve at least two hours so you don't have to rush through it. Even then you will not be able to try every type of the sauna this place can offer. Their outdoor lake is especially impressive in the winter - try it if you dare :-)
5 months ago
Frank Goerkerating icon5.0
What a nice place here. Just a Hotel with pretty Sauna park. Almost visit by the locals. Guestrooms quite and clean. Restaurant for Dinner an Breakfast pretty. Recommandation level 100%
6 months ago
Feliciano Fernandezrating icon3.0
I do not think this could be considered actually as a 4 star Hotel. The furniture in the rooms looks quite cheap. Better if you book a higher room standard where a jacuzzi is available. At least the room was quiet and the mattress was comfortable enough so we could rest well. Their Spa is quite popular but you have to pay extra if you want to use it. The breakfast has a good range of food but, the quality was not so good. In summary, a just OK Hotel for a reasonable price in a natural location with a lake view that I would recommend for just one night stop.
7 months ago