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Hybešova 256/18, 602 00 Brno-střed-Staré Brno, Česko
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Jogašála Brno vznikla jako malý prostor, kam si všichni chodíme odpočinout. Chce Vám přinést jógu v té nejjednodušší podobě, ale občas si dovolí vystrčit růžky. Jejím cílem není nabídnout Vám pouhé cvičení ásán, mnohem víc na Vás chce přenést pocit klidu, vyrovnanosti, čistoty a lásky – všechno to, co si pod jógou představujeme my. 

Jóga bez příkras, ozdob a zbytečných adjektiv. Protože jóga je jen jedna.


Ashtanga yoga
Yang yoga
Yin yoga
SUP yoga
Hatha yoga
Sivananda yoga
Strength sports
SM system
Other sports
Children exercise
Exercise with children
Relax exercise
Healthy back
Health exercise

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Michael Dvořákrating icon5.0
The course is great, it helped me a lot to regain my lost appetite for exercise. I look forward to a lesson every week (although the courtesy on Monday is not a pleasant part) because I know that I will relax and enter the week with a beautiful greeting of the sun. I am full of energy after the lesson all day and most importantly I must not forget to mention that my back stopped hurting through sedentary jobs through everything I learned.
4 months ago
m erating icon5.0
very nice and pleasant place to practice / learn yoga lessons (yoga)
8 months ago
Veronika Ďuranovárating icon5.0
A pleasant, small and cozy place where you can relax your soul and work your body (if you want). Namaste.
a year ago
Miroslav Chaloupekrating icon5.0
The best yoga studio in Brno, suitable for beginners, personal approach and pleasant environment.
a year ago
Alena Dzurianikovárating icon5.0
So far I have not gone anywhere for yoga and after several visits to this studio I am not going anywhere else :) The studio is right next to the bus stop (Hybešova), 2 minutes from the center. Very pleasant environment, although relatively small (one hall), but amazingly cozy and welcoming. I attend yoga chakra lessons with Masha and they are really amazing - each lesson has been different so far, they are not like a copier. The teacher always asks at the beginning of the class who is there for the first time, if someone has health problems, etc. During each asana, he emphasizes what to focus on and leads the lesson very pleasantly - I always relax wonderfully on Friday nights. The lessons are complemented by quiet and pleasant music, candlelight and small lamps. The dressing room is a bit strange - it is "unisex" right at the entrance, but there is a possibility to separate from the essential curtains when changing (and it is certainly possible to change into the toilet). The prices are also perfect, although I personally use a multisport card. I highly recommend a visit, I am going to try other lessons.
3 years ago