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Pondělí - Pátek
07:00 - 22:00
Sobota - Neděle
08:00 - 21:00
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Bobycentrum, Sportovní 559/2A, 602 00 Brno-Královo Pole, Česko
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Benjaminrating icon1.0
Staff won‘t let you go inside 1h before the studio closes. That would be understandable 15min before closing time, but one hour? So better come 20.58 and you can do your 40min workout, but if you come 21.05, nope they won’t let you train, really stupid policy!!
7 months ago
Thiago Marcolinorating icon3.0
The gym itself is well equiped, modern, easy to reach out by tram, bus or car. However, it seems nobody is keeping it tidy. At the beginning of the day, bathroom is already smelling bad, floor and lockers are dirty, sometimes disgusting. Trying to find another option as this gym is still convenient during my daily commute.
7 months ago
Solwen HAMMAMIrating icon5.0
I can say that i almost visit all the gyms in Brno and Fitness Boby was the amazing one from my personal point of view . Well equipped, clean, modern and as a bonus now in the winter it's wonderfully warm, some would say it's stupid, but for me it's an essential thing . They have very helpful and pleasant employees which spoke good English 👌 I like this place a lot and I'm still recommendning it to all my firends 👍🏼👌🏼 Thank you & šťastný nový rok!
9 months ago
Róbert Bartakovičrating icon4.0
Equipment is very good and staff is friendly. But I have two complaints. 1. Showers and lockers could be nicer. Especially lockers look very worn out. 2. This place really need A/C one in cardio room is nice but whole gym is under the roof so it can get really hot in main space.
a year ago
Nick Forgetmanrating icon3.0
nice gym, BUT and big BUT... Toilets smell like .... you know. Gym must be clean and nice. But showers are nasty to. I can shower at home yeah but smell this toilets every time killing my pump.
a year ago