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Pondělí - Pátek
07:30 - 21:30
Sobota - Neděle
08:00 - 21:30
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Řezáčova 805/5, 624 00 Brno-Komín, Česko
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alena albiniovarating icon5.0
Excellent training!
a month ago
Sergei Tijeberating icon1.0
I drive up and they locked me in the face, opening hours for retirees
2 months ago
Petr Fotijevrating icon5.0
Well equipped fitko.
5 months ago
Alexandr Hurskyjrating icon5.0
Well equipped gym. Dumbbell, machines for all parts of the body, a special corner for squats and corpses. Plenty of discs, some strongman equipment, a large cardio zone and two spacious halls. Helpful staff and if you want to use the services of coaches, it can be agreed. I recommend.
6 months ago
Vojtěch Rácrating icon4.0
Old school. The machines are laid out grunsports, so nothing much. But they have a log, 1 rack (I wouldn't rely on those rescues when squatting, but they are good for bench and pin press), 1 cage and surprisingly good axes. Non-prison showers, t-axis pull-ups with support are great. 2 halls with punching bags Negative I'm sorry about the plastic squat discs. There is little iron at all They won't let you into the big hall, where even the boxing pear is, so that nothing breaks there. Just take lessons there. You will not pay by card In addition to the offensive ban on entering the hall, I feel good about it. Old school, nothing fancy. For me, an atmosphere of hard work and scales, not chatter and pumps.
9 months ago