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Pondělí - Neděle
08:00 - 22:00
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Pražákova 1027/52, 619 00 Brno-střed, Česko
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Evy Slabbinckrating icon4.0
Nice place, routes are fine, quite “reachy” - drawback: would be great if the women’s changing and showers were as big as the men’s. Very crowded in the changing room, and they are just as many women climbing as men!!!
a week ago
Peter Bosákrating icon5.0
Great and spacious bouldering place. Routes are changed frequently. Comes with a restaurant and nice personnel. Only downside is that it's almost constantly crowded
a month ago
Šarūnas Badauskasrating icon4.0
It's really not bad climbing gym, but guys, you need proper ventilation as the smell is quite bad.
2 months ago
Kon Kozrating icon5.0
It was my first time and I had a great time! There are student discounts, but later I realized that the cashier charged me 10CZK too much as I should have paid the earlier entrance but it’s not a problem. The staff members are very friendly. Although we were at 13:30 on Wednesday the place was pretty packed, but it is not a problem as everyone there is super friendly to each other
7 months ago
Alžbeta Štajerovárating icon5.0
It has everything great boulder gym needs to have. Campus board, spray wall, different zones with routes of that style (parkour, technical, ..). Grading is scaled pretty good. One does not have to fear that easy route is going to be hard, etc. They even made gym with wide variety equipment, which is great for warmup or additional excercise. They organise weekly yoga sessions. The one disadvantage is that the boulder area can get very crowdy. Especially during summer it gets hot there and with chalk in the air it's harder to breathe. They change routes about every 1-2months. One can find brushes laying around if needed to clean some holds. New additions is tape (located in closest corner next to reception). There are around 30 challanges. One can also join the competition through their app. Also, staff is awesome. They are always super friendly. They have seasonal menu always with vegan options (now during summer it is wrap; last winter it was sandwich). Multiple plant based vegan milk are available to add to coffee (pea, coconut, ..). Lemonades are superb. Kofola and radler are options too!
a year ago