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Otevřeno od 10:00 do 22:30
Pondělí - Pátek
10:00 - 22:30
Sobota - Neděle
09:00 - 22:30
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Brno-Kníničky 316 Brno Brno, 635 00 Brno-Brno-Kníničky, Česko
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Nikolas Logginidisrating icon3.0
Too crowded. You will literally sit on each other's head. If you can overcome this, it is really beautiful place.
4 months ago
Mito Boevrating icon1.0
The SPA center is not too bad. Changing rooms are small and there is no privacy at all. Once you pass reception there are gates everywhere. At some point you feel like you are at the metro. :) the most disturbing thing of all is that you are not allowed to wear your swimming shorts at the sauna which for people outside Czech Republic, Austria and Germany is very intimidating and truly shoking at times. We don't need to see peoples genitals and we shouldn't be obligated to show ours. From what I saw many people feel disturbed by the fact which creates more discomfort than comfort.
4 months ago
Alessandro Giofrèrating icon5.0
I love this place. In Brno probably you cannot find a better place for a relaxing day. Termal swimming pool, many different saunas, massages, private whirlpool, private baths and so on. Is expensive but is worth it. I strongly suggest the private bath experience if you are a couple it was stunning.
6 months ago
Xavier Misserating icon3.0
Excellent Spa, with great service and facilities. There are couple of annoying things though: - Why the deposit has to be done with cash? For such a prestige resort, I don't understand why they cannot make it easier and provide card option also for the deposit (which is per person so it can go pretty high for families). - I couldn't find a machine inside the spa to check the time left, this feature is present in other wellness facilities (Kohoutovice for instance).
7 months ago
Inna Tsenerrating icon3.0
The area is great, everything is clean and there is a good variety of sauna’s. However, towards the night the spa starts filling in with couples that are all over each other, so you can’t really look anywhere without seeing somebody French kissing at least. Probably, some rules should be placed in order to eliminate this kind of behavior :)
8 months ago