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Pondělí - Pátek
15:30 - 21:00
Sobota - Neděle
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4246/5, Pálavské nám., 628 00 Brno-Vinohrady, Česko


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Muay thai
Jiu jitsu

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Martin martin23rating icon5.0
I was at jetsaam for the first time last week for muay thai training and it was absolutely fantastic... I already have some experience with combat sports, but at jetsaam it was absolutely perfect... Beautiful facilities, big space, new showers, just everything, absolute luxury.... Muay Thai Brno in Dornych, which I used to go to here and there, doesn't even reach my ankles..... I don't want to insult Muay Thai Brno, Mr. Kaiser is a fantastic trainer and a great person, but it's all about money..🙄 I'm already looking forward to the next training session under the guidance of Martin..... Daaaaaaj👍
2 months ago
Tobias Rieperrating icon5.0
great place for those who like to put off some steam. or get steamrolled lol 👍 srsly awesome people there and it's the home gym of the future UFC champ, mark my words yo edit 2022: I told you 😎
3 months ago
mirek toracrating icon5.0
a year ago
Václav Tomalarating icon4.0
Not luxurious, but good gym for box, muai thai and MMA.
5 years ago
Pavol Nerudarating icon5.0
Super Gym
5 years ago