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Eva Doležalovárating icon5.0
I was on an ante-natal course at Majka. Majka is a great person and the course with her was absolutely amazing! I learned a lot of things, Majka is very pleasant, the course was very entertaining and I was leaving her course so I am not afraid of giving birth at all and mainly feel thanks to Majka ready! Unfortunately, when it came to the second phase of the course, where the care of the child and we had Dulu Mrs. Theresa and it went downhill. This lady is extremely supportive of contact parenting and we had no choice in the course whether to go this way or not. We learned that a baby carriage and a crib were absolutely useless, as soon as someone mentioned putting the baby in a crib, she almost stoned it. Gentlemen, at this stage of the course, learned that they are absolutely but absolutely useless to the child. For the child is the most important mother and between the child and mother the guy has nothing to do. Poor guys on the course looked a little confused. Especially my guy was pretty upset because he's his child too :) Well, this phase of the course really disappointed me. However, I would like to go again to any course with Majka only. I recommend to all, it certainly pays off.
2 years ago
Barbara Janíkovárating icon1.0
I do not recommend exercising with children. I tried both lecturers, one totally bored, obviously not interested in this work (a program like peanut sweaters, sweaters, then kids, also nothing for 5 months) and the other lecturer has absolutely no lesson program .. babies are in a circle looking at each other, then they get toys. That's all. But at least she was interested in children ... The background of satin or bad for feeding. And if you want to attend a pass when the child is between 1-2 years old, no chance, because half of the lessons are full for 3 months ahead and the other half starts at 12:30, which 90% of the children sleep at this age. 4 years ago when Mrs. Mila was a lecturer, it was something completely different ... 100% better
2 years ago
Lucie Matuškovárating icon5.0
For your preparation for the baby's arrival, this center is the best choice, where you won't regret for a minute that you just picked up the antenatal course at Majka. You will leave with the feeling of the best invested money in your life and a lot of useful advice, knowledge and happiness. Thank you very much.
3 years ago
Michal Stanekrating icon5.0
Here they really value pregnant women, fathers, mothers and children. They will do everything to make you happy, without worries and merriment. Experienced team, the widest range of services in Brno and always with a smile ;-)
3 years ago
Paul Baptierating icon5.0
Super! :)
5 years ago