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Hrázní 327/4a, 635 00 Brno-Kníničky, Česko
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vipknv vipknvrating icon3.0
In General ok. But , hotel is clean , personal friendly, price huge. Wellness is really good, everything, saunas, services, beers. Restaurant is....., diner really problem, . I really recommend this Wellness for everyone, hotel we need to use this one, because not another one on this areas, for dinner try to find another restaurant.
a month ago
Adrianna Jankowskarating icon4.0
Spa and saunas --- 10/10 Restaurant and breakfast --- 10/10 Hotel room equipment and facilities --- 5/10 The rooms in general are very fine but there were two small details that did not allow me to sleep well that night in Maximus Hotel. The pillows in the room were so big that we could not sleep. When I went to the reception to replace them with something smaller, the receptionist told me that they do not have flatter pillows. I suggested letting us sleep on those little decorative cushions from the lobby sofas but she refused. Nevertheless the receptionist got the big ones from us, promising to do her best. After a while came back to our room with just a little bit flatter pillows wishing us good sleep. New pillows were still too big to get comfortable on, so I ended up sleeping on a rolled up bathrobe underneath my head. Quite uncomfortable but still better than a pillow the size of a big dog. I'm sorry to mention one more thing but I have a warning to all those couples reserving a room with two single beds joined together side by side: the gap between the beds made it absolutely impossible for us to cuddle while sleeping. The beds might as well be positioned at two different cornerns of the room, and there would be no difference. Big inconvenience for couples falling asleep stuck together.
4 months ago
Miao Dengrating icon3.0
Bad: - I lost my new diamond and gold necklace in the thermal spa. They were not super helpful, even though i believe they tried. My review could be half star biased due to the loss and bad experience. - Hotel pillows were uncomfortable and of bad quality. - The massage was the worst ever. My husband had 30mins anti-stress massage by a lady, which was super light and bad techniques that he could not feel anything. Maybe the massage therapist was tired by the end of the day. I had infinity massage, which is slightly better, but I would not recommend. - Only two hot thermal spa areas, quite small and could be crowded in weekends. Good: - A lot of very interesting saunas, sauna rituals and large relaxing rooms. The atmosphere was great, very chilled and fun. - The reception of hotel were friendly. - The location was good. Surroundings were peaceful and private.
5 months ago
Miroslav Ruzickarating icon4.0
Wellness is very nice, but it's rather crowded. I would prefer to pay higher price but with less occupancy inside.
6 months ago
Anna Banannarating icon4.0
Very clean, great atmosphere and incredibly professional and friendly staff. The different saunas are to die for! However, the pools are only 2 and it becomes overcrowded very quickly.
10 months ago