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Pondělí - Neděle
07:00 - 20:00
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Skřivanova 12a, 602 00 Brno-střed, Česko
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Jiří Kopuletýrating icon5.0
Hidden gem for tennis players in the city centre. Great location, three courts and bathrooms included. The only thing missing is a cafe bar to have something refreshing after a tough match, but it should be reopen for the next season.
a month ago
Andrii Kavetskyirating icon3.0
A nice place to play tennis, close to the city center. From disadvantages is the pre-reservation requirement for one hour in advance, which can be complicated in case you spontaneously decided to rent a tennis field and nobody is on the reception. Although it is still the opening hours time🤷‍♂️
11 months ago
Viktor S.rating icon5.0
The best courts in Brno
a year ago
Eliška Hoffmannovárating icon2.0
They say that you know a tennis club by its coach. I give *4 for the environment and the quality of the courts. Unfortunately, the location near the center makes parking difficult. For the tennis coach, specifically Mgr. I have to give JIŘÍH HALAM, who operates under the auspices of this club and also organizes camps, 1*. I only had the honor of being with Mr. Halama for a month. I found him on the Bohunické TK website and contacted him. He offered me tennis in Čebín (about 25 km) or in Skřivanov. He promoted the training in Čebín, saying that the courts would be free when I went. He promised that he would provide the courts in Bohunice from September. After a short time it became clear that Bohunice would not be working and that I, since I am on parental leave, have a lot of time to obey him in terms of time and thus go to Kuřimi. They say that they pay me from their taxes, so I have enough money. I refused to drive that distance 3 times a week, so Mr. Halama offered to have my child driven by other parents. I refused, and for which I was arrogantly called hysterical by him more than once. I decided to end my cooperation with this jerk. Unfortunately, Mr. Halama couldn't take my transition to trainers closer to home mentally (he was very rude and even suggested I consult a psychologist so that a professional could help me consider whether I was making a good decision). Unfortunately he resorted to very unsportsmanlike behavior and decided to cheat me on the 1st and final bill. He blackmailed me if I didn't pay him as much as he said he would, under the threat of writing to all the clubs in the Czech Republic about me as a non-payer. I refused to be blackmailed like this and only sent to his account pre-arranged and agreed-upon items (only for constantly handling calls during training I charged him 1 hour). However, I found out that even before the due date, this coach had already managed to fulfill his threats and actually contacted my club, where we are now, in an attempt to tarnish my good name. Due to the insanity of Mr. Mgr. JIŘÍH HALAMY and his psychopathic behavior, I give a review of the club under whose auspices he works and trains young children both in the form of camps and personally as a coach. To the owners of this club, I apologize for the low review, it's not personal, but I see on your website that among your services, in addition to rental, you offer individual and joint training sessions and therefore have trainers. Therefore, I believe that this review of the trainer who works for you is not out of the question. On the contrary, many parents will be interested in whom to entrust their children to.
3 years ago
Rostislav Hlaváčrating icon5.0
Very nice place, good prices
6 years ago