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Pondělí - Sobota
07:00 - 21:00
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Jugoslávská 713/5, 613 00 Brno-sever-Zábrdovice, Česko


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Hana Demelovárating icon5.0
Perfect yoga, I like to go often and I'm really happy here, so I'm happy to recommend :-). I like the approach, the continuity of the individual positions, the space, the concept, the trainers.
2 years ago
Captain's Wife Lograting icon4.0
When I was living in Brno, this studio was called Hot Yoga Balkan. This place is inside a club, and bowling alley. I attended about three classes, and unfortunately, they closed it because it was changing owners. I had to look for another hot yoga studio and my plan was to go back once it open again. It didn't happen while I was there. Now I see that It goes by a different name. I will try to visit it again if I go back to Brno.
3 years ago
Eva Pfeiferovárating icon5.0
Beautiful, comfortable environment. Lessons conducted at a professional level, experienced lecturer with a kind and personal approach. After each lesson I leave full of positive energy.
4 years ago
Ctibor Štípskýrating icon5.0
An excellent tool for strengthening the body and for relaxation. Experienced, qualified female instructors will help, demonstrate and watch over you so that you do not injure yourself by doing it wrong. From the beginning, hot yoga is rough, but after the third lesson, the body gets used to it, and one just looks forward to the next lesson. Also because of the fact that every lesson is progress.
5 years ago
Andrey Shcherbinin (GRIDtRAVELER)rating icon5.0
I was delighted by good energy and clean environment. Yoga mats and towels are provided for a very small fee. Nice showers and clean locker room. You can also get a refreshing coconut juice after the lesson. They speak some English so you will be ok if you do not understand Czech. Just look to see what others are doing and follow. Very easy. Great time.
6 years ago