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Pondělí - Neděle
09:00 - 23:00
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Nádražní 681/2a, 602 00 Brno-střed-Brno-město, Česko
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Hoang Nam Nguyenrating icon5.0
My best Saunia in Brno. I have experienced also the one in campus, but this has way better view. Situated at the 7th floor (which is also the highest) in Letmo offers beautiful view from terrace. Only downside of this sauna is that it's overcrowded around 17-18 h. But if you decide to stay there, you can experience ceremonials every hour starting at 17 and ending at 22. But prices are higher, after 17 pm. You can find them at webpage of Saunia. Saunia also offers a bar with nachos, panini, fresh orange juice, lemonade and more for decent prices. There is also a relaxing room and terrace, both nice places to relax.
a month ago
pepap josef pasulkarating icon5.0
This is amazing - sauna directly in the city center. Right after your sauna ritual you can go to the terase and watch the hectic life you just escaped for a while :-)
a month ago
Gloria Nyarkorating icon5.0
Best place to relax and has different kinds of saunas available...from beginners at it to the more experienced sauna lovers 🥰
a year ago
Marcin Szarowskirating icon5.0
The best Sauna in Los Brnos.
a year ago
Alžběta Vybíralovárating icon5.0
Amazing place in the center of the city. Not the biggest diversity of saunas, but still good :)
a year ago