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19:45 - 22:00
19:45 - 22:00
19:45 - 22:00
Sobota - Neděle
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Cejl 29/76, 602 00 Brno-sever, Česko


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Monika Hoškovárating icon5.0
My husband and I completed 4 wooden dance courses in the 2022-2023 season. So we changed several lecturers and they were all wonderful. In the end, we decided to approach the dance school for an individual composition of the wedding dance. We highly recommend the services of Mrs. Brejchová, the individual lessons with her went very smoothly.
3 weeks ago
Lucie Hanusovarating icon5.0
My partner and I used to go to bamboo dance clubs under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Slám and we really liked it. Then we arranged individual lessons with Mr. Vláčil, who rehearsed the first newlywed dance with us for our wedding, and it was the best decision. The dance was perfectly put together, we managed it, they enjoyed it and the wedding guests were delighted. In addition, Mr. Vláčil is very likeable and we really enjoyed going to dance lessons. I warmly recommend.
2 months ago
Karla Pieczkovarating icon5.0
Great and very professional dance school. They prepared us in several lessons for the wedding dance, which was perfect and touched many a guest at our wedding:) In addition, the lecturer's valuable advice, my husband and I always looked forward to the lessons, thank you and we recommend it.
4 months ago
Dana Šimkovárating icon5.0
An absolutely wonderful school where you will go with joy and a desire to learn something new. Compared to other schools - elsewhere they may not ask you for such precision, but here they teach you everything correctly from the first moment, so that you don't have to unlearn mistakes in a difficult way. And above all, there are great teachers!
5 months ago
Roman Čižmarikrating icon5.0
Excellent attitude and wonderful experience. We prepared our wedding dance in individual lessons. I am completely wood. The lecturers came up with a perfect and beautiful dance for us, which even I (after a few hours of training) was able to dance. At the wedding, everyone was surprised where I learned it 😂. I really did not expect that it would be so great and that the lecturers would put together such a great choreography for us. 5/5, definitely recommend.
2 years ago